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Discover your path to optimal gut health with our self-paced, comprehensive program, the Gut Health Blueprint. Navigate a successful elimination diet and cultivate a healthier lifestyle with the following features:

  • An Easy-to-follow, Step-by-step Guide to walk you through the process of an elimination diet, making it simpler to identify and manage food sensitivities.
  • 30 Dietitian-approved Recipes designed specifically for an elimination diet, ensuring your meals are both nutrient-rich and tasty.
  • A host of On-the-go Snack Ideas, so you’re never out of options, even when on the move.
  • An intuitive Symptom Chart to help you track your body's reactions, supporting the identification of potential food sensitivities.
  • Expert-approved Supplement Recommendations to fill potential nutritional gaps and boost your overall wellness.
  • Full Email Support for any queries or concerns, ensuring you have the guidance you need throughout your journey.

Start your journey with the Gut Health Blueprint and unlock a healthier, more mindful lifestyle today.

Manual will be printed in color and binded with cover (58 pages)

Gut Health Blueprint Manual

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