May Goodies + Freebies

Hey, girl! It's a beautiful new month with so many amazing things coming your way! I wanted to share all the great things on this side of town with all of the awesomeness doTERRA is bringing to us this month.

If you a pre existing client, you will receive a FREE Citrus Twist with an LRP order of 125pv. This oil was curated to be a blend that you diffuse. The benefits are that it will get your mood right. The secret sauce in this oil...pshhh...LITSEA. Yes, girl! So exciting.

Maybe it's a new oil to you but Litsea is the oil of Manifestation. We can't purchase Litsea in the US and that is why I am excited that is in this blend. We can get to absorb its benefits in this blend.

Here's all you need to know about Citrus Twist: Citrus Twist Info

For this month only, two new kits are available at a very discounted price. Membership fee is waived + an added 10% off.

We've got the

Respond Kit: Info + Purchase here

Protect Kit: Info + Purchase here

Special Promotion:

Petal Essential Collection: Info + purchase here

Quick ways to use Respond Kit

All deets for you to listen or watch!


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