• Noemi Ramirez

Anti- Aging + Moisturizing Serum

I am so excited to finally bring this recipe to you. I have been using essential oils as part of my routine for a few years. I used to have scars due to acne. I have been able to diminish them and improve my skin as you can see in the picture provided.

This is the blend that I absolutely love and have seen the most results with. Plus, my clients have tried it out and they have seen great results too. That is why I included the feedback.

I know, Mr. Pratt- I had the same reaction!

Here are my clients testimonials:

Immortelle: Link Here

Argan Oil: Link Here

Rose Hip Oil: Link Here

Vitamin E Oil: Link Here

Yarrow Pom: Link Here

You will be able to make this serum to last you for a while! Once you start making it will be pennies per drop. If you don't have the oils already you can go halfsies with a friend so that you can both have glowing skin on a budget!

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