• Noemi Ramirez

12 Cozy + Warm Fall Diffuser Blends

It's September and some of us have already started to decorate our home for fall. This year I want to challenge you by omitting any synthetic fragrances.

This includes Plug ins, candles or room sprays. I challenge you to try doTERRA's essential oils. They are pure, not synthetic and will have your house smelling amazing.

You can try the different blends in this blog post or if you rather just purchase one fall blend of oils, I recommend Fall Harvest. You can purchase here: Purchase Fall Harvest

More information about Harvest Spice and what makes it awesome.

Here are your fall diffuser blends. If you don't have a dōTERRA account, I can help you sign up so you can get the best deals + are informed. You can do that here: Open up dōTERRA account

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