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Full Body Sculpt is :


-Designed for women to build strength, burn fat, by sculpting the body through a combination of weight training and functional training.


-Offered in person, online or a hybrid of both as the program is available via my own app. The app makes it easy for you to stay on track and offers a hub to find everything you need.


-Created to help women prioritize their health on a daily basis. A variety of resources are provide ie: nutritional guidance, recipes, coaching calls, workout videos and more.


-Our community is supportive and motivating allowing you to thrive in an environment in which our women are on the same journey to prioritize their health.

Membership Options

Find one that works for you

  • Full Body Sculpt (M)

    Every month
    Monthly Payment Plan
    • Unlimited Sculpt Sessions
    • Monthly 1:1 Coaching Calls
    • Eat like a Grown Woman Method Nutrition Vault
    • Lift like a Grown Woman Exercise Vault
    • GlucoFit
    • Beginner's Catalyst
    • Cyclical Fitness
    • Gut Health Blueprint
    • Month Updated Holistic Wellness Content
    • Strength, agility and functional training workout programs
    • Q + A Sessions
    • Members Only Chat
    • Exclusive app for booking sessions, calls + content
    • Monthly recipes + meal plans
  • Full Body Sculpt

    1 Year Membership Paid in Full
    Valid for 12 months
    • 1 Year Access to Full Body Sculpt
    • Lifetime Access to Upper Body Sculpt
    • Lifetime Access to Lower Body Sculpt
    • Lifetime Access to Summer Sculpt
    • Lifetime Access to Holiday Sculpt
    • 1 Year Access to Eat like a Grown Woman Nutrition Vault
    • 1 Year Access to Lift like a Grown Woman Exercise Vault
    • Monthly Recipes, ebooks, nutrition/fitness resources
    • Monthly 1:1 Coaching Call with Nayo
    • Members Only Chat
    • Online LIVE Training Sessions
    • Weekly In App Check ins
    • Personalized Nutrition Guidance
    • Access to programs and resources during active membership
  • Divine Sculpt Society

    Every month
    • Beginner's Catalyst Access
    • Customized Workout Plans
    • New Programs Every Quarter
    • Monthly Recipe Updates
    • Dynamic Wellness Resources
    • 24/7 Community Access
    • Live Workout Sessions
    • Direct Coaching Support
    • Progressive Treadmill Routines
    • Exercise Form Tutorials
    • Stretch & Recovery Videos
    • Monthly Q&A Calls Included

Still have questions? You can send me your questions via contact page or schedule a call with me below.  Would love the opportunity to chat with you.

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