Hey, girl.

I'm Noemi  Ramirez


I help women make a transformational lifestyle with kick ass work outs, drool worthy nutrition and swap out toxic products to natural, non-toxic products + essential oils.  

This is the one stop shop for all things DIY, essential oils, plant based nutriton and sweaty workouts. 

Beginner essential Oil Basics

Feel confident in your essential oil knowledge after getting to know the basic but essential foundation of how to essential oils!

Sign up for this Beginner Basics Essential Oil Learning series + get 13 days of education sent straight to your inbox.   This information packed series was designed to serve both the novice + the expert doing a deep dive into all things oils!  

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Fit Hour Unlimited

The most affordable in person training experience.
Here's everything you need to know!
-All classes held in a private sanitized indoor gym and are to be used within 30 days of purchase. 
-There are 4 slots available per class
-Schedule your sessions easy, effortlessly up to 14 days ahead of time.
-Access to Fit Hour Online community that includes daily uploaded work outs to be replayed or saved for later. 
-Receive $10 Voucher off Merchandise + 10% off all future merchandise purchases.
-Welcome gift to get you excited and started about you Fit Hour journey
-Plant Powered Recipe E-book + Nutrition Made Simple Ebook
I look forward to seeing you reach your health and fitness goals with Fit Hour Unlimited.


What The Ladies Are Saying

"I highly recommend Noemi and all her fitness sessions—online and at the gym and personal training (once we are able to go back). She is amazing, encouraging, funny and is always educating us on fitness, health & beauty—she even feeds us. I love her classes and the women who participate. It’s wonderful to be part of such an amazing group of women."


"I have lost weight. About 10 pounds and my abs are tighter and my biceps have shape that I didn't;t have before.  I want to thank you for taking the time and teaching us to have healthier and having a better lifestyle"


"I am hooked and I am so grateful for the knowledge, compassion and convenience of Coach Noemi's program.  I can't wait to see how much further she takes us in achieving our personal fitness, diet and overall wellness goals"


Nourished Life method

Nourished Mind, Body + Soul

After years of training women, I discovered the number one hurdle my clients faced.  The hurdle is how to make this a lifestyle.  No more hopping on the band wagon, jumping off and hopping on. 

Losing the weight, keeping it off and becoming the healthiest person you have ever become.  

In the Nourished Life Method, I focus on mindset, habits, routines as the foundation of the program in phase one of the program.  

Phase two focuses making nutrition simple, learning about macros (carbs, protein + fats), learning how to understand a nutritional label, the swaps that can be made in the fridge + pantry.

Final phase is all about the products we use, making the swaps to natural products + essential oil education.

If you have been hanging around for a bit, you know what I am about + what my passion is here to help you with.  If you are serious to take your health to the next level, the Nourished Life Method may be the fit for you.  Schedule your discovery call or sign up for the wait list for the next enrollment of NM completing the intake form.

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