Are you ready to reclaim ownership of your health by taking the guesswork out of leading a
Copy of Is This You You like being aware and in control of all the things that enter your
Copy of Is This You You like being aware and in control of all the things that enter your
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I created the Glowing Lifestyle Society from being in your shoes. I was overweight growing up and never had good nutrition well into my adulthood. My journey began with motherhood when I realized the responsibility that came with this brand new life. That’s when it clicked for me and I created the resource I wish I had when starting my transformation into a True Healthy Lifestyle.

The Glowing Lifestyle Society is a Private Virtual community of women just like you who are on their own journeys of becoming a Pro at removing Toxins from their environment and confidently making the healthiest choice for themselves and families. You will never again be alone in this, we got your back!

I believe everyone has the right to know there are safer, effective, and more natural ways to take care of our family and household that should be passed down to our future generations in order to disrupt and  improve?  the current medical care field.



Absolutely love doTERRA oils. I’ve been using them for about 3 years now and it has impacted my lifestyle in sooo many positive ways. I went from using home candles, odor sprays and even bath and toilet scents to these quality essential oils which have bring nothing but value to not only my health and wellbeing but my family as well. I love how creative I can get from diffusing different blends throughout the day to making non toxic cleaning DIYs products and even kids holistic alternatives plus so much more !!!!


Before being introduced to essential oils, I shared with Noemi that I had issues with falling asleep or staying asleep and her being the amazing person she is…she hand delivered some samples for me to try. I found that once I started using the oil samples I had a decent nights rest immediately after which I was all for! Prior to the oils I’d mainly rely on tea like sleepy time or chamomile. Besides using essential oils for multiple ailments, I strongly believe that the life long vitality vitamins make a huge difference in my every day life along with the guidance and resources I’ve had over the past 4 years.


I started my journey with oils in November 2018...I had never experienced them before and was quite skeptical! I'm extremely happy my eyes were open to them.

Myself and my boys are always being bit by mosquitoes and it's so wonderful to reach for peppermint oil and instantly feel relief from the sting and itch! And hearing my 4 year old ask for oils to help him is the cutest!!

Over the past couple of years, the same simple peppermint oil has even reduced their fevers, saving us a trip to their doctor. I can safely say I will use oils over medicine whenever it is possible!

But as a woman, my personal saving grace some "months" have been my Clary Sage and Vetiver...not sure I would live without them!



Doterra essential oils have changed my perspective on health… ever since becoming educated on essential oils I now gravitate towards them to aid my health. Copaiba, Past-Tense and the On Guard line are staples in my household, and as a family we have all noticed a significant difference since incorporating essential oils into our lives. Thank you Noemi for educating me and my family so that we can show up better for ourselves


I started with essential oils when my sister gifted me Doterra when I was diagnosed with Lupus and seeking a more toxin free lifestyle at 23 years old. I had no idea what I was doing at first and wasted the oils I then tried to replace with $6 ones from TJMaxx, which did not work, and eventually led me to give up. Fast forward to 3 years ago, becoming a mother, when I finally reached out (instead of just stalking) to Noemi and the Glowing Lifestyle Society and took the first step to what then became a complete change of lifestyle and my health. I now am tapped into a community of resources and empowering women that give me the confidence to treat my family and self with holistic tools and ongoing education. With exercise, nutrition, removing toxins from my household, and thinking freely, I’ve been able to get off medication I was suppose to take the rest of my life. I’m so glad I took my family’s health into my own hands again.



I was introduced to Essential oils about 4 years ago when my son was diagnosed with asthma. At first I was unsure if oils would really work but I was determined to find something natural to help my son. I remember seeing a post from Noemi about Breathe and all the benefits to the respiratory system. Breathe has been amazing on our journey to better health for my son

Thank you so much Noemi for being such an amazing person! Thank you for guiding me towards the right path in order to make better choices for myself and my family. Noemi has always been so helpful and caring. I will forever be grateful that God put her in my life. Noemi is an Inspiration!

Copy of Is This You You like being aware and in control of all the things that enter your
Copy of Is This You You like being aware and in control of all the things that enter your